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  • Custom Eye Shadow
  • Custom Eye Shadow
  • Custom Eye Shadow
  • Custom Eye Shadow

Custom hand-made eye shadow created for the special occasions in your life.  These beautiful unique pieces are one-of-a-kind items made to match the colors of your wedding, baby shower, bridal party, graduation, etc. 

Daily Lovelies can help you to create any color you'd like using premium pigments, micas, glitters, and sparkles (see the FAQ page for details on the ingredients)
What's next after placing the order?
The owner of Daily Lovelies will contact you about setting an appointment (either in person in our San Jose office, over the phone or by email) to gather the details and pictures for your custom order.
We'll then make 3 samples, take pictures, and you can choose your favorite.  
What's included?
The starter $99 package includes 4 eye shadows, consultation, beautiful packaging, and custom bottom labels with the name of the each recipient.  Each additional eye shadow is $15.
Will my unique color be sold on your store?
Your color is unique and will never be used for any other customer or sold on our store.
How much do additional pieces cost?
Each additional eye shadow is $15.
How much eye shadow is in each bottle?

Approximately 1/2 tabelspoon

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